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Our Work


Educational Joint Ventures

Joint ventures (JVs) are becoming an increasingly important organizational form in international business. When JVs are formed, valuable learning opportunities may be created for the venture partners.


Co-operative Education

International Co-op serves as professional and personal growth experience by forcing you to adapt to a new cultural environment. We help our students to develop skills, explore career options and network with potential employers.


Career training and Development

With a solid and wide reaching network, we are sure that we can help you develop forward-thinking strategies that build a winning workplace culture, and improve your employee retention.

Moden Education and Career Consulting (MECC) has developed solid partnerships in international businesses. Our current projects with overseas partners are: Education Joint Ventures and International Education Co-operative (Co-op). We welcome you to bring your business and join our teams for substantial and beneficial relationships.

Our Roles


We coordinate international business with Canadian educators.

Job Coaching

Our experts can connect you with the career that suits you best.


We connect you with international educational opportunities.

More About Our Services

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Imports and Exports

Education Ventures & Co-op

MECC can help you or your business connect with international educators.

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Career Placement

Career Coaching

Our highly qualified staff can help find the right career placement for you.

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Our Goals

Client Priority

We pledge to put our customers and clients first and to make them feel confident by putting their trust in us.


Any client that chooses to work with us should feel that they are a member of our team and integral to our mutual success.

Quality Service

Our industry experts are highly trained in their field and prepared to take on any request that our clients might have.


Our partners or clients should expect the best, and we will do everything possible to make sure that they are satisfied.